In Detail: Graduation Outfit and Makup

May 12th marked an important day for me education wise. On May 12, 2018, I received my Associate of Occupations in Film and Television Performace -Yup it's a thing.-


Where Have I Been? and What's to Come...

Hi... I honestly don't know if I still reach people on here anymore, but there ain't no shame in trying, right? 

For those that are new here -if there are any- My name is Cookie, those who have been with me for a while know me as T'erica -no difference between the two besides a few letter changes-. 


Bruno Mars "XXIV Magic" Review

Bruno, Bruno, BRU-NO! This man is one of my favorite artist hands down! When he album 24k magic dropped in November I knew I was gonna be hooked... I mean come on its Bruno Mars of course I would. This post was suppose to be up agggeeeessss ago... But I was hit with a light of inspiration for a sort of part two of this post that will come out  a little (ok maybe a lot) later in the following months that I'm excited for yall to see. Anyways onto the album Review.


Keeva Organic Essential Oil Acne Face Wash Review

Why hello there! It has been a while since I have done a proper post. Sorry about that I’m trying to get back into the swing of things blogging wise.

A few weeks ago the company Keeva Organics kindly reached out to me asking to test their product and write a post about it. The product I chose was the 5-in-1 Essential Oil face wash, which was very exciting for me. Whenever I use a new face wash I tend to be nervous because I'm scared of how it would react to my face. Surprisingly I was excited to test out this face wash and I wanted to share with you how it went.


NYC Photo Diary

It has officially been two months since I have been living in New York and I’m already in love with this big city. Since being here I’ve went on many adventures and made friendships that will last for ages. Here’s a quick look at my time in the city so far!