Today was the opening of the One Direction store 1D world at the Park Lane center that will be open for about 2 weeks. Being a major One Direction fan or Directioner I decided to go along with Shelby, to start everything off we had to wake up at 3am so we can get in line at 4am( the time they were letting people start lining up) because the center wasn't letting anyone camp out the night before.

When we finally got to the store there weren't that many people there (Thank God) but there were still enough people there for us not to be first in line. We sat down with some friendly people named Tyler, Brooklyn & Christian along with two of their friends who's name we didn't catch (Ooppsie) thankful they were nice enough to help Shelby and I pass the 6 hours of waiting fly by (without thinking about not having our jackets blankets and pillows so we can go back to sleep). The time finally came for the store to open and the radio station 106.1 Kiss FM was there to play some tunes to pump up the crowd and keep us from dying of boredom over and over again, while the little 12 year old girls were entering and exiting the store crying and fangirl over everything they seen, talking about how the boys will show up and surprise everyone in the crowd, and how "[They're] so gonna win the concert tickets the station are giving away". Sadly for Shelby and I we were stuck in line behind some of those 12 year old girls who complained about staying up until 12am only to wake up 3am when (Shelby and I went to sleep around 1:30 just FYI) Kiss FM gave away "Skip The Line Passes" for the people who were in the back of the line and didn't want to get up as early as we did.

The time finally came for Shelby and I entered the store with our new friends, we could help but sing along to the song that were playing overhead (One Direction of course). We didn't have that much time to look around the store because we wanted to give other people a chance to in the line to shop around. By the time we got to the register to buy what we wanted behind the counter I couldn't hold in my excitement anymore.

unfortunately all of the things we wanted cost a little too much money to buy two so we just settled for a box set that came with a 2013 calendar of the boys, a heart pendent, tote bag, floating pen, photo set, gummy wrist bands and two free song downloads along with a lanyard. Overall the day was pretty awesome as soon as we got home we crashed and sleep until 8:30ish. I totally suggest going to the store if you are a One Direction fan if you didn't go today because it's worth it...Just make sure you have your parents with you.....Or their credit card(: Down below are some pictures of the store and from the outside to what's inside the store and some of the prices.
Until next time! Stay STRONG,BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY<3

Shelby & I decided to pose with our favorite boy band's picture along with the TMH( Take Me Home) Souvenir bag before spending a sister day at North park. 

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