2014 MTV VMAs Best Dressed

Hola friends! Yesterday was one of the biggest nights in music and one of my favorites (besides the Grammy's) the MTV VMAS! Being the self proclaimed fashionista I am I thought I would show you some of ( hopefully not all) my favorite looks from last nights award show. Seeing that I am new to the whole fashion critique thing I am going to try to only have short little sentences explaining why I like (or love) the outfit but most likely you are  just going to see the outfit. Let's be real here it's going to be the first thought that pops into my head every time I look at the outfit *claps for me being a lam-o points for creativity though..not really* 
Quick side note before I show the pictures: These pictures aren't mine I got them off of a website that did a full coverage of the show *Shout to to JustJarded.com* and I'm just using there pictures in which I have cropped a little so you won't keep seeing the logo and getting annoyed like someone I know (it's me...please don't sue me Jared I don't have the money you want check my bank account). I'm done rambling now so enjoy!

Taking after Brittney spears I see Lace and Leather...Well  more leather than lace   
 Queen Beyoncé...May I please borrow this dress to sell on eBay to make a lot of cash wear to the captain's dinner?
 Side boob game on point...I don't know why I said that.....
According to JJ this is a vintage dress... I like vintage

 Life goal..Look like this at 45..Wait JLo is 45 
Mom I see baby thigh tell her to put it away 

(get it cause her bag says hashtag....No? I'm just going to go eat cake now)