I Finally met Cody Simpson!

For everyone who knows me know I absolutely love Cody Simpson and well I finally got to meet him. Even though it was really quick it was the most amazing experience in my life so lets break this down. To start off all of this I wore this little number because I'm meeting Cody Simpson so why not (Ok I just wanted to be cute and tall since he's a giant to me).
Next my mom and I went to the Rex lounge where his meet and greet was held and waited in line where she snapped the before meeting Cody picture.

Pretty soon I could actually see the handsome Aussie which is the time I started tear up because he is one of the first of my favorites that I've meet and well he means the world to me. When I finally walked up to him and he hugged me (dear lord those arms felt lovely around me) and after a typical generic conversation (he's super nice and smelled really nice by the way) we took our picture together then it was time to say bye until the concert.  :(  Oh and my mom told him about the embarrassing Promposal I made him.. that's another story

And this is the part where we cue the water works cause I broke down and started shaking cause I really didn't think he actually hugged me and said my name in that accent of his. While I was crying an agent took a picture because it was "too darn cute" in her words. So basically my face looked like this

Soon after dinner and when I stopped crying we went to dinner (where I saw JStir and ran into the restroom cause I wanted to ask him for a picture but I freaked out). We attended the concert with Hannah (and another young lady who's name I forgot so if you ever see this thanks for being the ultra fangirl with me) which was amazing. The way he lost himself in his music was just captivating to watch.

Basically that was a summary of my Cody experience. Overall I just have to say MASSIVE thank you to Barbizon for giving me the opportunity for meeting Cody and having a great week on the ship. Plus a MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to my mom who wins the mother of the year award for supporting me and paying for all of this and dealing with my fangirling over Cody(:

I know this was a long post but I really wanted to share my Cody experience with all of you Angels (Simpsonizers) out there and hope you all meet this wonderful guy soon.

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