2014 AMA's Best Dressed

Yay! I’m back with another awards show best dressed (and late like always sorry). If you guys don’t recall how I do a best dressed you can read my previous post where I did a best dressed for the VMAs.All photo are from Just Jared, Perez Hilton, ExtraTV, Eonline &  so please no suing 

 Enough talk let’s see some of my favorite outfits from tonight’s award show
 Slay-Dashian/Jenners... That made no sense at all 
 I just love Frankie 
I just I can't  
 Still can't believe she's over 40
 Can I be you for a day?
 She's all about that lace
 Wife me 
 Just stunning
 Liam's face hahaha but yeah my boys look smart as they say in the UK
If it's not obvious why my other set of boy are on here your crazy... Doesn't Ashton look cute n his glasses though *sighs* #Michaelwantsanotherslice

P.S-I was to lazy to crop out the JJ logos so sorry bout that but at least you know who the owner of most of the pictures are :D