January Goals

Hello Friends!
The other day I was thinking about the New Year and some resolutions (haha I’m like really early huh). So instead of making resolutions I thought it would be fun to do monthly goals as a way to challenge myself to do something new every month. Now I introduce to you my monthly goals every month I will give you guys a list of things I would like to accomplish for the month with a reason why and at the end of the month (before the next goal list goes up) I will tell you guys how I did. I believe this was inspired by Tanya Burr’s 10 things I want to do I wanted to do something similar so here are my goals for January 2015 like two weeks early (yay for me being early for once)!

Proud of Connor


November Favorites

Hello friends I’m finally making a blog post yay! If you notice the title of this post is November favorites. Seeing that my school and work load picked up I simply couldn't keep up with Friday favorites I just decided to do monthly favorites which was inspired by the ever so lovely Zoe....Yes I know it’s not November but at least it’s posted. *shrugs like Niall*