January Goals

Hello Friends!
The other day I was thinking about the New Year and some resolutions (haha I’m like really early huh). So instead of making resolutions I thought it would be fun to do monthly goals as a way to challenge myself to do something new every month. Now I introduce to you my monthly goals every month I will give you guys a list of things I would like to accomplish for the month with a reason why and at the end of the month (before the next goal list goes up) I will tell you guys how I did. I believe this was inspired by Tanya Burr’s 10 things I want to do I wanted to do something similar so here are my goals for January 2015 like two weeks early (yay for me being early for once)!

1. Hit my walking goal twice a week- On my phone I have a walking mate app and it set a daily goal of 10,000 steps every day. Some days I hit the half way mark and other I hit all 10,000 (it’s a very rare occasion too). To do this I have to get off my butt and actually walk around to actually hit the goal.

2.       Eat less junk food- This is one of my major problems I love eating junk food whether it’s from the vending machine at school to buying chips or baking cookies and eating them all. I would like to start living a healthy life style and that starts with slowly letting go of one of my bad habits. Every once in a while is ok but not all the time so this is me admitting I have a problem and I want to kick the habit(I sound like I'm talking about cigarettes or something).

3.       Drink less soda and more water- This one is kind of easy for me because I drink a lot of water already but lately I decided to drink more soda just because. Once again to live a healthy life style I have to get rid of my bad habits and this is one of them.

4.       Save more money- Whenever I get money either from my mom or my paycheck I’m quick to spend it on food… I’m not even going to lie and also for things I need… but mostly food. But I really want to save more money so if anything happens I’m prepared… I think this is every college student’s excuse…

5.       More blog post- As much as I love writing and talking to all you (the ones that actually read my blog) I really want to post more than two or three post a month because I feel like there is more for me to share with you guys and vice versa.

6.       Dress like  I care- Ok this one I really need to work on I never always try to dress cute and it works for a couple days then I’m back to jeans and a t-shirt. So I really want to dress like I actually have some sort of style and do my makeup like I actually know what I’m doing ha.
7.       Read more books- I’ve always been a book reader but recently I’ve gotten into reading books on a lovely app called wattpad. It’s pretty cool and all to have a book on your phone but nothing beats carrying a book with you.

8.       Exercise more- This goal kind of goes with my first one but I do want to spend more time going to the gym and all that jazz. Trying to tone up and work on that healthy lifestyle I want.

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