Small Clothing & Makeup Haul

Recently I did a little bit of shopping that was much needed and I wanted to share with you the purchases I made which I happened to do in two stores... this is progress for me


2015 Beauty Must Try List

Hello friends,
 recently I made a make up must try/wish list which you can read here and I finally compiled a list of beauty products I would like to try. I tried to keep this list short so I won't bore you to death with all of the things I would like to try this year.

Bite Beauty 
Bite Lush Lip Whips


Black Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

Hello friends today I wanted to give you guys a way to wear black lipstick. When I was a local beauty store I noticed the lipstick section and the first thing that caught my attention was the different color of lipsticks that was on display wanting to step out of my comfort zone and try two different colors a purple (post coming soon) and the black and I wanted to show you guys how I planned to wear when I go out. I also apologize in advance for the length of this post.

2015 Must try list: Makeup

Hello friends,
As I continue my journey in discovering more makeup and beauty products besides my usual M.A.C and Mary Kay. With saying that I thought I would show you a list of some of makeup item that are on my must try/wish list for 2015 to show you what I am interested in trying. I will also be doing a must try list for beauty.

Skin Care Routine

Hello friends,
Today I wanted to share with you my daily skincare routine. Some of the products I have been using recently are different from what I normally use and the others are house hold  items that may seems a little odd but found they work well with my skin.

Currently I am using a deep cleansing cream by Up & Up and I really enjoy using it so far. It helps remove all of the dirt and makeup from my face without leaving my face feeling super dry.


Fly Away Hero EP “Lost and Found” Review

Hello friends,
I’m back with an album review yay! This time I’m talking about a lesser known band called Fly Away Hero (you may know there lead singer Dalton from Im5). This Texas native band has really sparked my love for local bands (from all over the states) and smaller venue shows I thought why not give there album (in their case EP) a review.
Their EP Lost and Found hit iTunes on January 6 when I ordered it a few days later I knew I was going to enjoy it seeing that I enjoy seeing them live. Enough of my random rambling here’s the review enjoy!


2015 Grammy's Best Dressed

I've been waiting on this day since last years Grammy's here are some of my favorite looks from tonights show! Let me know who were some of your favorites this year
( P.S. you can see my other best dressed here  and here)
( P.P.S I'm so proud of Sam Smith)

 Anyone else think of How To Succeed In Business after seeing him in this suit


January goals check list + February goals

Hello friends,
It’s been a while since I last spoke to you (no surprise there). I’m trying to get better I promise. Last time we talked I introduced you to my monthly goals list and at the end of every month I would give you an update and a new goal list so you can see what I am working both personally and professionally, and hopefully motivate you to create some goals to achieve.
Seeing that is the second day in February I have yet to give you an update and a new list……
So here are those two this things, I will first start off with the update of my January goals to see what I accomplished (which probably be much if I’m honest)