Fly Away Hero EP “Lost and Found” Review

Hello friends,
I’m back with an album review yay! This time I’m talking about a lesser known band called Fly Away Hero (you may know there lead singer Dalton from Im5). This Texas native band has really sparked my love for local bands (from all over the states) and smaller venue shows I thought why not give there album (in their case EP) a review.
Their EP Lost and Found hit iTunes on January 6 when I ordered it a few days later I knew I was going to enjoy it seeing that I enjoy seeing them live. Enough of my random rambling here’s the review enjoy!

Hercules- When I heard the first few cords of Hercules I was really excited because they played this song at both of the shows that I attended this past summer. *cue pictures from the shows I attended dont worry I won't bore you with all of them*

*Sighs memories* 
  Sorry... Anyways as I was saying if I’m honest this is probably my favorite song on the album because it has a really sweet message and makes me wish I had someone who would make a mountain move for me…( See what I did there).

Storm on the Sea- This song is the perfect post break up song if you actually think about it. I mean think about it when you just broken up with your loved one, partner whatever you call your boyfriend or girlfriend you trying to wing yourself off of them ( if that makes sense) and SOTS explains the emotional and thought process of not getting those early morning text or the random flower being given to you.

Misunderstood-Misunderstood caught my attention right away with the first two lines “Under the surface we're all the same.” Right away I felt the song was trying tearing down the image (that makes no sense at all) that society has on all kinds of stereotypes they have for different cultures, races and religions. Now maybe I’m just over thinking the song and its meaning but if you listen to it you can see (well hear) the band saying screw what people want you to be don’t try and conform yourself to what people want you to be and if people don’t understand that good be misunderstood don’t try to explain yourself to people…. I’m probably still over thinking the meaning but whatever.

 (I couldn't pick which one I liked best so why not use both)

Madison’s Favorite Toy- At first title glance I was kind of like ummmm who Madison and why are they writing about her favorite toys… But after listening to the song I realized it was about….Well I still don’t fully comprehend what it’s about… But if I’m going based off the lyrics it’s about a person who likes to play games with people and toy with emotions… Yeah we’ll go with that. This might be another favorite song though it’s a really laid-back song kind of reminds me of John Mayer or something… I’m not completely sure.

Gasoline- OK I lied this song is my favorite song off the entire EP. It had me jumping on the bed, hair flipping, air guitar-ing my through the song like 5 times cause I kept replaying it. This is a really good teenage angst song that everyone needs in their library ya know the one that’s like rage rage rage

 flips table 

then rocks out until the songs over

, plus it made me think of another band I love called Artifas (who are extremely talented if I do say so myself).

But anyways I really enjoy this EP it is one of my favorite albums at the moment (a list for that is coming soon). I’m so proud of Dalton, Hunter squared and Kat this Ep is truly amazing and I can’t wait for more music from them