January goals check list + February goals

Hello friends,
It’s been a while since I last spoke to you (no surprise there). I’m trying to get better I promise. Last time we talked I introduced you to my monthly goals list and at the end of every month I would give you an update and a new goal list so you can see what I am working both personally and professionally, and hopefully motivate you to create some goals to achieve.
Seeing that is the second day in February I have yet to give you an update and a new list……
So here are those two this things, I will first start off with the update of my January goals to see what I accomplished (which probably be much if I’m honest)

 So in January I set the following goals for myself:
Hit my walking goal twice a week
Eat less junk food
 Drink less soda and more water
     Save more money
More blog post
   Dress like I care
Read more books
  Exercise more
And how many of those did I accomplish….. 2 maybe… This isn’t a joke… Time to start explaining 

Hit my walking goal twice a week- When I set myself up for this goal I forgot I was getting a new (and a sadly crappy) phone and it doesn’t have a walking mate on there. I know this isn’t an excuse but yes I sadly forgot that phone in California when I made my impromptu trip to Texas during my break. So this was a failed goal

Eat less junk food-Once again I set myself up for failure when I decided to take on this goal. Being in college I realized that I do tend to eat a lot of junk food and it is really convent to have in the house even if it’s just ramen noodles or a pack of Ritz crackers. So I think I will try this again since I am home for a little bit because my mom (bless her soul) has put everyone in the house on a diet and there isn’t much junk food (or meat) in the house.

 Drink less soda and more water-This goal I can say I accomplished in a way because I don’t drink that much soda to begin with. I did fall off the wagon a few times because I was just craving a soda and I drank one with no regrets. So I will chalk this one up as a pass because it wasn’t that hard for me.
     Save more money- Again I kind of set myself up for failure when I set this goal because I do like to shop… quite a bit and working at The Grove across from Forever 21 was kind of difficult for me….I’m going to have to try again for this goal… Let’s see if I can actually keep this one up again.

More blog post- I swear I just set myself up for failure this month I don’t know why I even tried…. I do have tons of post I have ready to post but when it comes to me sitting down to writing it I get bored/distracted or lose my train of thought because I probably have the mentality of a squirrel or I just like to distract myself…. 

 Dress like I care- Finally I can say I did a goal right... Even though I didn’t go out as much but when I did (which was mostly to work) I can report that I was on fleek…. Are we even using that word anymore?

Read more books- As much as I love to read I spent more time on wattpad even though I bought some books to read I started reading them, then I was like oh what happened to this character…. Oh did Odeya break up with Harry in this story (if you know what I’m talking about I love you)

  Exercise more- I did good on this one….For like two week then I gave up because I’m a lazy bum and I hate doing Cardio…. I rather horizontal run… just throwing it out there

Now that we know what I failed at. Let’s see what I might fail at this month 3 days into the month. Kidding I believe in myself… sort of

More blog post- I know I said that last month but this month I am determined to make more blog post about fashion and all the other stuff I don’t write about that I said I would. 

Read more books-Sorry Wattpad you and I might break up for a little bit I need to sit in the library and throw myself into a book and feel the pages in my hand

Eat less junk food- I think that this will be a little easier since I’m not around junk food 24/7 and my mom has stalked the food with healthy stuff….may the odds be ever in my favor

More youtube videos- If you didn’t know I have a youtube channel and I am part of the Awesomeness TV Community and I haven’t posted a video in 2 months and the one before that was like 5 months and I do enjoy making videos so I would really like to get on that again.
Sorry this was such a long post and I’m sorry it’s been forever since I posted I’m trying to get better


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