Small Clothing & Makeup Haul

Recently I did a little bit of shopping that was much needed and I wanted to share with you the purchases I made which I happened to do in two stores... this is progress for me

My first stop was TJ Maxx this is honestly one of my favorite places to shop I can find tons of dresses and clothes that I really like for a good price. I started off with about 20 items in my basket and narrowed it down to 2 plus a few other things. 

Olivia blu pants $14.99, Zenana Outfitters Long Sleeve T-Shirt  $9.99

The second and last store I went to was Old Navy aka one of the only places I will but jeans from. By the way there having a buy one get 50% off on jeans.
Classic Plaid T-shirt (on sale) $19.95, Perfect Tee(on sale) $7.99, Crew-neck Cardigan $19.94
Sweetheart Jeans $29.90

Also, Earlier this week I went to the dollar store and picked up a few makeup products to test out
Top Care Makeup Remover whips $3.48

L.A Color Lipstick Berry Ice $1.00, NYC Cover Stick Concealer in Medium $1.00