Pier One Obsession

Hi friends,

You may not know this but I am obsessed with decorating it wither it’s my room, helping my mom decorate the living room or designing every single room in my future house (yes I have done this a few times). One store I am crazy in love with is Pier one, I remember going there when I was little with my mom and always said I would buy everything in the store. Recently, I went into the store while spending some time with my mom and aunt Meshia when I walked into the store it all came back to me why I loved the store and I wanted to share it with you guys. Obviously the blogger in me wanted to take pictures of every single thing in the store and show you but I'm making my life easier and giving you less to read by going to the website, pulling a few picture and make a collage of some of my favorite items.  


Fast and Easy Spring DIY: Secret Blogger Project

(This post is part of a little blogger series I'm taking part in called the "secret blogger project 2015" run by teen bloggers Emily ,Rebekka and Charlotte. About 30 of us will be writing twice a week on selected little lifestyle topics and you can also go onto the twitter and instagram hashtag "#secretbp2015" to have a little chat and view everyone's posts. If you would like to join or know more (we'd love to have you!)  Instagram dm @theperks0fbeingemily or if you don't have instagram, send a quick email to  rebekkarosebeautyxo@gmail.com! xxx)

Sisterhood of the world of bloggers award

Hello my lovely friends,
recently during a kik conversation with myself and 11 other blogger friends (honestly all we talk about is makeup, fashion, life and other random things) we were talking about these awards and i realized that my friend Rebekka nominated me (thanks for that by the way). So here I am participating in


Motivation Monday: Confidence


Hi Friends,
First off happy almost Spring!

 I wanted to do something a little different and talk about something a little more serious and branch out from the usual things I write about and try to get you guys to see the beauty inside yourself and motivate (obviously) you to do something you want/wanted to do.


Top 15 favorite songs at the moment

Hello Friends, today I wanted to share with you guys my 15 favorite songs at the moment just so you guys can get to know me a little bit better. Here are my favorites in no particular order, tell me what your favorite song is or if we have a common favorite.