Motivation Monday: Confidence


Hi Friends,
First off happy almost Spring!

 I wanted to do something a little different and talk about something a little more serious and branch out from the usual things I write about and try to get you guys to see the beauty inside yourself and motivate (obviously) you to do something you want/wanted to do.

To start off my first MM I wanted to talk about confidence. Confidence is defined in the dictionary as a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. Which I agree with but I also see it as feeling comfortable in your body you were given and being able to embrace your beauty with no hesitation at all.

I will admit I struggled (and still struggle) with my confidence mostly during the time I did modeling and acting competitions. When I went to Passport to Discovery last year with Barbizon USA this past year (you can see the photo diary here) it was a major issue for me. I remember the day we went to the airport to go to the port all I saw where super skinny, tall, gorgeous girls who were in the High Fashion category (I'm in the full figured category) I turned to my mom and said " I want to go home I already know, I can't compete with these girls for the agency's attention, even though we're not in the same division why would they want I short chubby girl from Texas to represent them." the next thing I know I'm on the phone with our friend Joe who gave me a pep talk the whole way to the boat.
After listening to him.... and "All About That Bass" like 100 times I was ready to take on the whole week. Even doing a swimsuit competition in a bikini (I have a video when I find it I'll add it on here) that I didn't want to do.

The point of all that rambling is confidence all comes from YOU! If there are days where you feel like you aren't pretty enough or you don't compare to other people.  Just think of things that makes you different from other people. Sing a song that makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world (mine are AATB, Close Your Eyes, Wings, Little Things, SLSP,Beautiful Soul and many more). Then do something that makes you feel better and helps you feel like you can take on anything  (personally I blog, bake, occasionally go to the gym). Finally just OWN IT! Accepting who you are and loving you for you is amazing. Even if there are some things you would like to change like say you want to get into shape and tone up, you have to be able to love yourself as you are first before making a change like that so you can love that you as well. If anyone tries to tell you you're too fat or too skinny to do anything (in my case modeling) tell them to

Because you are perfect how you are 

(All photos are from the internet and tumblr)