Accepting yourself

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Accepting yourself for who you are is something a lot of people struggle with not only about their looks but their sexuality,  music taste, style anything that they find about themselves “unworthy” or “uncool”  to be known about them. Then, again having self-acceptance isn’t always a problem with someone until there is a person who judges you about what you do, how you do it, what you look like or who you are. They tend to nit-pick everything you do or say until they find the littlest flaw about you and try to tell you to change that which in turn makes you want to change that flaw or minor detail they noticed about you. These people also try to tell you to conform (change) to what society or everyone else thinks you should be due to your skin color, educational or financial status.
There is something you need to realize, you are the only in this world whatever any on tells you to chance or do differently (there is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain mean old criticism) is a load of rubbish and you shouldn’t listen to the thing tell you. Of course, if it’s a doctor, friend or family member telling you something that could actually help you in life. I really don’t have many tips on how to become accepting to yourself because it is something that takes time and is learning process as you grow and mature in life but here are a few that are more of little cute reminders that will motivation you while you go on that journey until you are able to just love who are and not give a crap about anyone else’s opinion.  
Hang quotes on the wall
1.       Having a wall of quotes (wither hand written or printed) with different sayings or picture really help you build that unknown burst of confidence that you are looking for whenever it’s needed. Or when you are feeling particularly down they kind of make you feel better.
Write yourself notes
Do this as a way to improve your mood or just make you feel better about yourself. Personally, I have never done this for myself but my friends and I use to always leave each other random notes just telling each other to have a good day or leaving an insides joke that will make you smile until you see that friend to bring up a subject that will improve your mood.
Become comfortable in the skin you’re in
This last tip is something really hard to do, trust me I understand this is one of those things that you just have to learn and practice. Once, you able to love your body and who you are, you will be able to start or continue making changes (that you want to make for you) that have a positive outcome. When I say changes I don’t mean drastically losing weight because someone called you fat I mean starting to live a healthy lifestyle that you and your body deserve so you can preserve and protect what is yours (but that is a whole other post).