Best Advice from Joe

One of the best things a person can give me besides food is advice. Today I thought I would share you with some of the best advice I received from our family friend Joe (who may have been mentioned on here before but I don’t recall). In the past 2 or 3 years Joe has been an important person in my life (not going into detail how because it’s not my business to tell) and he gave my best friend Shelby and I some awesome and hilarious advice for us to hold onto in many different situations…Most of them involve drinking (he was trying to teach us lessons about not drinking) and how to fight off boys who just want that one thing. There is so much he has shared with us but I narrowed it down to the ones I have remembered most.
Warning:  Be prepared for tons of gifs most likely all Beyoncé you have been warned).

Walk into the room like you own it
This is one of my absolute favorites because he told me this I was going through a really rough time with my self-esteem and confidence and I was really nervous about doing competitions auditions and just walking into a room. He told me to always walk into a room like you own it and never let anyone intimidate you which including throwing on a pair sunglasses, back straight, head held high, and my best blank face to not give away what I am thinking or the type of emotion that I am feeling. Whenever I think of this when I’m really nervous about entering a room with a group of people or I just want to feel confident. At first I use to proceed with the steps like:


But with practice I am able to finally achieve the faux confidence (but not cockiness) when I’m really nervous or just want to give off the vibe of importance.

Never leave your drink out of your sight
I really can’t remember why this was brought up into a conversation if I’m not wrong I think he was talking to Shelby and I about the do’s and don’ts of hanging out with friends at bars, club etc. (when we are actually able to get into them). Basically, to sum up the conversation he said whenever you go out don’t let your drink leave your sight “You may never know what could be in. If someone sends you a drink say thank you and move on, if you take your eyes off of it for a second order a new one. Better safe than sorry.”

If someone doesn’t like who cares
The full conversation we had on this was really hilarious when Joe gets really into a subject he tends to get wound up and starts yelling and making all of these jokes that he doesn’t even know he’s making.  There really isn’t much I can say about this piece of advice or an experience that I actually want to share.
(This gif just seemed perfect)

Don’t let other people stop you from taking a risk

When I went on PTD I was really nervous I wanted to go home as soon as I saw they some of the other people but when I talked to Joe he told me not to let other people stop me from doing what I want to do and go with the flow of it and bring my A-game.  Being less confident because of the way other people look is not a great way to start a competition off. If you are entering a competition and as soon as you walk in follow the first piece of advice then kill it.

There are so many other things Joe has shared with me that I can barely remember them all but I do hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have a Joe in your life let me know some of the advice they have gave you.


  1. I really love this post T'erica, this is really good advice xx

  2. Loved the gifs, especially the tragic one! My favourite tip is the first one
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  4. oooo once again lovely post xx hehe love the gifs x

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