Deep Ellum Art Festival Purchases

This post is the second post to the first post I wrote about my day at Deep Ellum, I spent quite a bit of money that weekend (Including makeup and hair things but that will be in another post) and I regret nothing. Obviously, all of it are from artist from and around the lovely start of Texas I will be linking their website which I suggest you check out because they are absolutely amazing talented artist.

This drawing of Slash (from the band Guns n Roses) is honestly my new favorite picture/painting/poster of any of the artist I currently have I love the way it looks and I can’t wait to hang it up on my wall. I first found out about Mr. Moya’s art when Joe showed me coasters that he had done and I feel in love with his work. I’m thinking next time to pick up a coaster as well.
Artist website: http://www.moyaart.com/

 I am a big fan of jewelry especially unique pieces when I was walking past Ms. Rimes’  stand these earring caught my eye right away because there are simple yet beautiful. I love the tiny jewels around them.
Artist website: https://www.facebook.com/izzyloveembellishments

This is such a random buy honestly but I am a hippy at heart and I just had to try the soap they even had a charcoal scrub which helps get rid of blackheads and dead skin which was very tempting to purchase  but I wanted to start with this first.
Artist website: http://www.deepsoaps.com/

These thing were given to me for free from a vendor that is located somewhere in Texas (yes the barbecue sauce was free too) I didn’t grab a flyer or anything for them I don't think there was any if I'm honest but I do know the postcard “you need Drum & Bass” is from a place called Two Tone.


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