Revision (Studying) Tips

 Hi friends,
This post is a collaboration with my blogger friends Katie,Dalal, Rebekka and Emily so make sure to check out their post as well (of course I’m the last one to post it, sorry ladies).As you can see in the title I will be giving you a few tips to use while you study for your finals or just for any test you have coming up in the near or distant future.

Quiet place
Whenever I study I like to find a quiet place in my house where I know no will bother me to get work done. Most of the time for me it is in my room at my desk or in the dining room at the table so I won't get too comfortable studying in my bed. If you don't happen to have a spot in your house where you can study in peace go to the library at your school, the public library or a friend’s house so you can study together.


I know this tip completely defeats the purpose of the first tip but it is easier to block out noise when you listen to music while studying. Sure you might break out into a jam session every now and then but a study break is always good when you have been studying for a long period of time. I usually throw on a studying playlist on Spotify or two of my favorite playlist I created.

Color your notes

I’m a visual learner so drawing things, arrows, color, sticky notes (use those for any information you missed in that section) anything like that helps me find the vocabulary, side notes and basically remember what I was learning you can do this with just highlighters or with pens.

Review your planner

This is something I can't stress enough, a planner is one of the best things that has happened to me when it comes to tracking my assignments and test. I usually keep mine open when I’m studying so I can mark off assignments when I finished them so I can just hand them in the day they’re due or even earlier. You never knew a teacher may give you extra credit…. Unless you're in college then just turn it in early cause it gives you more time for other things.

Drinks and snacks

When I'm studying at home (even when I'm not at home) I always keep snacks at the table with me so I don't have to keep getting up (even though you should to walk around and stretch your muscles) I keep crackers, fruit, water, tea and any other snacks that I know will fuel my brain instead of giving me a quick sugar high then make me sleepy 10 minutes later. 

I hope these tips help you in your studies good luck to you with your test and things.