Snow cones and Braums + Update

Last weekend before going to work I spent some time with some of my favorite people which included grabbing snow cones before it came pouring down –thanks mother nature-as well as grabbing a bite to eat. Then we ended it with an epic competition of Just Dance and Michael Jackson: The Experience to end the night –well for me anyways.-

-I should really stop taking peoples photos from behind I feel like a weirdo-


Natural Beauty Part 2- A week without makeup

The past two weeks I honestly couldn't be bothered with wearing anything on my face besides chap stick and moisturizer, I only wore makeup once within these past two weeks and that was to go out to dinner to  celebrate my litter sister 16th birthday. Throughout the first week I went through many feelings before I was able at accept the fact that I looked good -I'm using that term loosely- without makeup and no is judging me about how I look –well not out loud at least-. The stages I went through were as followed:


Natural Beauty part 1- What is it?

Urban Dictionary-“A person who needs nothing but the skin they’re in to be beautiful to the eye”
Yahoo Answers-“is someone who can spend a lot of time on their looks if they wish, but they still look good, or even better without makeup”


The perfect pick me ups

This  “secret blogger project” post that was actually supposed to go up last month but lately I have been really busy with school and work which turned into me not having time to finish this post but here it is better late than never. As you can see from the title we're talking about pick me ups. Better known as the things that you feel better, this doesn't necessarily mean you're sad and you need to be cheered up a pick me up could be just a time to pamper yourself after a long week and you want to de-stress or something. But then again you can basically use a pick me up whenever you feel is needed no matter what the occasion is.
 Here are a few thing I do when I need a pick me up.


Recent Fashion and Beauty Purchases

It has been a while since I've done a haul type post and I’m sorry for that I haven't done much shopping recently. So, I'm going to be showing you some of my most recent beauty and fashion purchases to make up for that. A few weekends ago I went to mall to find a dress for my cousin’s birthday and I ended up buying a few extra things as well as a few makeup products I have bought within the last month.