Natural Beauty part 1- What is it?

Urban Dictionary-“A person who needs nothing but the skin they’re in to be beautiful to the eye”
Yahoo Answers-“is someone who can spend a lot of time on their looks if they wish, but they still look good, or even better without makeup”

WordPress blog-“Silky hair, Flawless skin, not too fat, not too skinny, but has curves, beautiful eyes and sexy lips, has a full bosom, a rounded butt”
Yahoo Answers response-“A girl who can look beautiful without makeup, hair dye, acrylics, fake tans, or anything man made. The beauty can come from the pure luck of having beautiful facial features, or it could come from her personality”
Yahoo Answers response-“The ability to look great without even trying. To carry one’s self well and be confident. To not wear a lot of makeup. Clean skin, well-kept hair”
To actually write this post I wanted to what others think natural beauty is. Most people believe you have to have clear skin with no type of “flaws” on your face –Think acne scars, black head etc.- to be considered a “natural beauty” a lot of other people think of Emma Watson who has a natural beauty routine. But, is that really considered natural beauty? In my opinion, Being a natural beauty is showing how you really look without makeup, fake nails, fake tans, and all that other stuff girls do to try and cover up or hide what we really look like when we are stripped bare because we tend to think we won’t be considered beautiful without all of the eyelashes, nails, perfectly arched eyebrows, silky straight hair, lushes curls and no signs of acne or having had acne. 

I'm not saying it’s a bad thing to do all of those things – I am a beauty blogger for crying out loud- but try to not do all of that constantly everyday of the year.

Yes, I know it is a part of our everyday to get dressed do our hair and our makeup but consider taking the time out to embrace the face you were given –isn’t that a Dove ad or something?- Go makeup-less for a week or at least a couple days out of the week so your skin can breathe. 

I know it may be a little awkward or uncomfortable at first but once you get use to the idea you will love the skin you're in –isn't that another Dove ad?-

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  1. I love this post T'erica, it's so True. I'm really looking forward to the next one xx

  2. I loved how you done different definitions of natural beauty at the beginning, it's a great attention catcher. I always go out without makeup because I'm not a frequent wearer but I've challenged some friends to go without so I hope it changes there point of view.
    Dalal x monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

  3. I barely ever wear makeup. I hate how so many girls are so uncomfortable in their own skin :( This is a lovely post xx

  4. I really love this post! Although I love playing about with makeup I think it's very important to be confident enough in my own skin to let it be bare some days too! x

  5. I loved the post!! And it's true... Natural beauty is something that shouldn't be hidden under layers of makeup!! x

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