Happy Blog-iversary to me!

This is a really exiting post for me to write because my blog turned three today yay! Plus I also hit 3,000 page view today (you should follow as well so I can do a giveaway soon *insert winking emoji*)
 To be honest I started my blog as an assignment for my Yearbook class back in high school with a few good awful post that I have deleted but I did leave one up. Here’s a quick screenshot of that.

You can also view the full post here
But back to the story I didn't really get interesting in blogging until August of 2014 when I moved to California and needed something to do as a pastime and look where I am now with a full blown working blog and a lovely following base- I think-.
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you my readers for actually reading my blog and taking the time to read the content and giving me feedback on my post and the things I talk about. As well as a giant one to Mrs. Todd for making us do this for the project who would have thought I would end up running a fashion and beauty blog?



  1. Happy Blogiverdary Terica!!!!! You deserve it !

    Ambra xo

  2. Happy Birthday to Through The Eyes of T'erica! It's so great you've been able to continue a school project and turn it into something great!