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Throughout our lives there are moments that are picture worth and some that are not but it is always a nice way to have memories so you can go back and reminisce.  For this post I will be showing you some of my favorite photos from my childhood and giving you a little more insight to me and my life.

Age 1 or 2

I want to say I was either on or both photos were taken by my dad if I’m not mistaken. The photo on the left was actually in the car park of our apartments at the time and the one on the right was at a park. I think of these as the start of my fashion and modeling obsession. –I mean come on what one year old knows how to pose like that #bornforit-

Age 4

 Alright, the picture on top is still hilarious to look at till this day, both photos were taken by my Kindergarten teacher, the first photo was the first and last time I took a nap during nap time the second photo was at a petting zoo and well I was scared of the turkey...apparently I didn't eat turkey for almost a year after this incident.

Age 6 or 7

The photo on the left was taken by my mom I believe on Halloween or after a cheer practice] –yes I’m the cheerleading type-. The other photo was either taken by my mom or Aunt Margie. My mom, grandma –who’s in the picture- and I took a trip to Hawaii to visit family and this was actually our last day on the island.

Age 9

Again another hilarious T'erica picture. Let me set up the scene, Family gathering in Arkansas, Picnic in the park while at the park, it started pouring raining along with thunder and lightning. This was before I moved to Texas and didn’t have the lovely California Mountains to protect me which resulted in the photo… Well I also thought my cousin almost got struck by lightning. In the photo from left to right are my cousins Morgan, Arion –the cutie in next to me- and Kennedy –she and Morgan are sisters-.

 Age 10

I want to say this was the first Christmas I had when I = lived in Texas the photo at the top was at a birthday party for my cousin Chrissi, I’m actually not quite sure who it was taken by… but that’s my “Home Alone” face. The second picture was taken by a lovely lady at church during an Angel Tree event, if you don’t know the lady in the picture that is my mom.... Now you know...

Age 12

I want to say both of these pictures were taken at the same time but I’m not completely sure both were taken by my Aunt Mecy in Los Angeles. The photo where I’m “choking” my cousin was taken at Knott’s Berry Farm in front of this Halloween window in a shop I love this photo because the flash in the window makes it look like the witch is making me do it. The photo underneath was taken during a really hard time in my life –that story will be told one day, when I’m ready to openly talk about it- I really love this picture because even though it was a sad time in my life and we were all down in the dumps it felt good knowing I had all my cousins –and sister she’s on the top right in the glasses- there to help me cheer up and deal with the situation.

Age 15

Again both photos were taken around the same time, the top photo is actually the first time I meet Dalton –he was in IM5 at the time- and it was really cool meeting someone who is confident about who he is. He also has an amazing voice so there’s a plus I also meet my friends Courtney and Kristin there as well so yay thanks Dalton. The selfie is of my best friend Shelby and myself at an Alzheimer’s walk for my mom’s job we had a really great time that day and were soooo close to meeting Ron Corning –still waiting for that day-.

Age 16

These final pictures are during my junior year in high school during a football game with my friends Joseph –top photo- and Travis –bottom- I think these photos kind of show one of my happiest states I have been in while in school. I was able to just hang out with my friends and have a laugh before cheering on the football team through the night.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing and learning more about me, if you want to see something like this again let me know.



  1. This is so lovely T'erica! It's so nice to see a little more of people's lives, get to know them a bit better!

    Becca x


  2. I love this T'erica it's great seeing you grow up through all of these pictures xx