Tricks to Save Money

I honestly feel like I am not the best person to give out type of advice, tips or tricks about anything related to holding onto money because quite frankly I am absolutely 100% rubbish at it! I’m the person sometimes pays there bills and sometimes forgets-thank god I still live at home and not in my own flat –. I also may or may not be an impulsive spender… Especially when it comes to food and clothes and makeup –my three true weaknesses-. As, I did this at least every other paycheck I finally came to the terms with the fact that I’m a shopaholic –anyone else want to jump on the Shopaholics Anonymous bus?- and I really need to start saving my money and all that Jazz that comes with growing up and becoming an adult.


Loving Yourself

One of the hardest thing anyone can go through in their life is learning to love themselves for who they are or how they look without any type of hesitations about expressing who they are. With society’s expectation of how a person show be based on their ethnicity, religion hair color, body type. Heck! Even their sexuality, people tend to believe that their true self is something that will be looked down upon because they aren't living up to the things and “expectations” people want to see or believe should.


Goodwill Haul

 Yesterday was the opening of a Goodwill store in Kennedale, one of the things I absolutely love to doing is finding cool and fun second hand stores to find clothes and things that are different vintage and most likely the only of its kind. As, I was say since I attended the opening yesterday and bought I few things I thought it would be fun to share with you guys all of the things I bought.


Spooky Eyes Review

Who says Halloween is the only time to have some fun with colored contacts? One thing I love to do is change up my look for different things I’m going too after hearing about http://www.spookyeyes.com/ I knew I would enjoy finding cool fun contacts to play with for different event I would attend.  After receiving a sample from Spooky Eyes in the color Black I knew this would be something really fun and exciting.

June Favorite

The last time I did a favorites post was way back in November –how naughty of me- 
 Most of the things on my list –which aren’t many- are mostly beauty products. 

  The first thing on the list is my Shea Moisture African Black Soap, when I say I truly love this product I mean I really do first off it’s an face wash and it really worked on my face but it also can be used as a body wash which is amazing! The soap helps clear your skin if you have any acne or dry skin on there, it does dry your skin out at first but once you use it for a while and apply a body lotion afterwards your skin will be so soft you wouldn’t know what to do.  Get it!