Goodwill Haul

 Yesterday was the opening of a Goodwill store in Kennedale, one of the things I absolutely love to doing is finding cool and fun second hand stores to find clothes and things that are different vintage and most likely the only of its kind. As, I was say since I attended the opening yesterday and bought I few things I thought it would be fun to share with you guys all of the things I bought.

This is something I don’t believe I’ve shared yet but I am absolutely obsessed with homeware I love, love, love, going into store and seeing looking at things that I will like to have around my apartment –which I will hopefully be moving into in spring to go to University. Fingers crossed- so obviously I walked straight back to the home ware section and picked up the following.

If you don’t know my favorite color is pink and when I seen this lovely little ceramic basket I knew I must have it I love the fact that it’s in the shape of a heart –which I soon found out it’s a Valentine’s day bowl- I just I love it for now I will sit it on top of my dresser and use it to hold my bobby pins and things as such or just random things. When I move I may put this in my kitchen and use it to hold eggs or loose change or something like that I still have a long way to go until I move –it’s probably not that far to be honest-.

This mug I actually didn't buy for myself I actually bought it for my mom so she can sit it on her desk or something I don't know I just got it for her because she’s has a cup of coffee every morning and welp I just thought it was cute for her.

So I bought this thinking it was a teacup but in actuality it’s a soup cup… But I will use it as a tea cup because I love me a huge cup of tea. When I got home I actually noticed that it sort of matches the dishes I have in the storage closet which is really funny and awesome at the same time.

Again, another fun fact about me and my family a lot of us love comic books, superheroes and all that jazz –Where just a nerdy bunch-. I found this right away actually and quickly put it in my basket so my mom and I can pick between this wall décor and the second one to see who is taking which- she ended up taking it by the way.-

Obviously, this is the second wall décor I picked up and it actually sums up my whole closet. If you look in there –I may do a closet tour once I sort it out- I have a ton of shoes. I have a shoe rack, shoe boxes on up the floor and on both of the selves. So I thought this would be so cute on my closet door or next to it who knows yet.
Like I said before I enjoy going to second hand shops to find clothing that no one may have and bring the vintage style to my closet.

This top is not mine I bought it for my mom she absolutely loves butterflies so I bought this scrub top for her just cause I know she would like it.

I also bought this for my mom we somewhat have a similar style so I found this top for her that is from Forever 21 and it has cute little buttons down the back turns out I was right she liked both tops. Cool daughter points for me.

Finally I bought this top for myself which is basically the same color scheme as the top my mom has but has polka dots. I really like this top and I can't wait to put it with an outfit.

I hope you liked this post if you go to a vintage shop what are somethings you pick up?