Back to School Haul

After two months off of school it's finally time to fall back into the everyday routine of getting up going to class, doing homework, eat dinner sleep and repeat until the next day off of school or holiday break. Lucky for me I didn't have to go back to school at the same time as everyone else- perks of being in college-. I still had to do my back to school shopping but I was able to hold off on it for a little bit and bypass all of the crowded stores and long lines at Office Depot. Since I have finished  all of my shopping I thought I do a back to school haul and show you everything I have to face this new school year.

First thing I bought were school books not the most exciting thing but I kind of need these if I plan on passing my classes-which I do- lucky for me I only needed to buy three but they still cost quite a bit but at least I'm ready to start my assignments. 

When I stopped into At Home and found the candle section I was there for about 30 minutes just sniffing and picking ones I really like. In the end I picked up a Tuscany World Tour scented candle in strawberry and ginger tea- the candle is from London as you can probably tell by the British flag- and another Tuscany Candle in fruit smoothie I absolutely can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can start burning these bad boys.

As you all may know I've been trying to become more organized when it comes to school and posting and all that jazz so of course I bought a planner along with a I am second bracelet from Mardel which is a christian book store that I love to bits. 

I know this isn't  technically back to school related but I bought it the same day and just decided to share it with you. Popcorn is my all time favorite food hands down so when my mom and I stopped into Sprouts I picked up Popcorn Indian which were on sale 2 for $5 in Sweet and Salty and Sriracha. These whole grain, gluten free popcorn along with a few other brands I enjoy my be my new go to popcorn. I enjoyed these so much I finished one bag within two days and my second bag is almost gone -high ho high ho off to the store I go-.   

Again not back to school related but I picked this up to frame my scholarship certificate but the certificate it self was to big so now I have to find a picture to put into it. But I thought this would be really cool to have a picture framed of myself and my best friend Shelby or the group of people I hang with so if I do end up transferring next year I can have this somewhere close and not feel to homesick. 

Now to the actually school supplies I honestly didn't buy much because I already have a lot of notebooks and paper anyways but I bought a few more just because. I also bought a new flash drive because mine died on me in the middle of the semester last year.

Pens pens and more pens. I love writing in pen and pencil sometimes I loaded up on pens because I never have any and I have two different pencil cases because they were only .25 cents I believe.

Sticky note I love love love using sticky notes especially when I'm studying and I accidently leave out information that I need so having this big twirl memo pad will do just fine they are already being put to use. Am I the only one who carries around hand sanitizer just in case I sneeze in the middle of class or I I accidentally touch something sticky. 

First things first yes I bought a lunch bag even though I'm a college student but between work and school and my attempt to save money I thought that taking my lunch with me on the days I have more than one class and work I could have something with me so I won't spend my money. Secondly, I am in looovvvee with this backpack it's a Jansport backpack with a removable sleeve for my laptop and a little compartment for it as well I'm so excited for this because I am getting a new laptop tomorrow so I can slide it in there ready for my first day of classes on Monday.

To end on my favorite note which is fashion after I got off of work today and had a quick walk around the mall with my mom, aunt Meshia, God-mom Shelia and best friend Shelby we wound up back in Forever 21 -the store I work at just in case you didn't catch on- I quickly picked up this Alec Monopoly collection -a new collection by the way- and picked up this cute Richie Rich- if you don't know who that is I feel super old now- sweatshirt that I've had my eye on since we put them out on display- I;m going back for the skirt and top two piece set- as well as this short sleeve dress  to get me into the mood Fall mood. 



  1. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Love your bag! And those sticky notes are so so cool! I love back to school posts, just not the going back part..
    Ellen x

    1. I think everyone can agree haha xx Terica

  2. oooo I also love sweet and salted popcorn <3, out of everything I read, I notice and talk about the popcorn haha. That sweatshirt looks awesomeee I bet it looks great on you (it really does!!)

    Ambra fridaysarefab.blogspot.com

    1. Haha popcorn buddies lol yeah that sweatshirt fits awesome I love it xx Terica

  3. I've just done my back to school shopping and I feel so relieved now that it's all out of the way! The sweatshirt is so cute :)

    Edie x

    1. Back to school shopping can so stressful but once it's done it's like throwing a party haha xx Terica

  4. Love your bag! I'm glad I have all new school stuff, it makes going back to school slightly less horrible.

    Tash Xx

    1. That is always true even for college students haha xx Terica

  5. I love back to school shopping and this post is amazing! Your blog design is so pretty!!!
    Xx Sofia

    1. Thank you Sofia shopping in general is my favorite.