Barbizon Dallas Competition

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of Barbizon’s 6th annual Dallas Competition which is basically a huge showcase for models and actors to perform in front of a panel of judges who are representatives from modeling and acting management/agencies as well as schools for acting from all of the U.S. –and maybe other countries I believe-. During the competition, contestants participate in TV Commercial and Runway automatically and are able to add on other competitions including Improv-which I also competed it-, Stand-up Comedy, Singing and Dancing.

There are many reasons why I love doing these competition some include, meeting the different girls –and guys shout out to AJ and Jacob- from different states and forming a bond with them, As well as being able to receive feedback on your performances. The reason I am sharing all of this information –which is very exciting by the way- is because from the competition myself and others were awarded a 2 year $10,000 scholarship to the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts! For most of you guys who do not know me personally I have always had a love for acting and being able to entertain people and with this scholarship I am able to enhance my skills as an actor and possible build my resume.  

This is something that came as an honest shock to me because I was not expecting to win anything at all if I’m honest. I actually find this kind of ironic and a blessing from God. The day before I was talking too my mom and my partner in crime Kendria about going to New York after I finished school to pursue acting and journalism.

I am not sharing this to get any type of praises or anything like that for this post –even though this is something I am truly proud of-. The purpose of this post is to actually kick start a series of post I am going to do to talk about my experience and journey as I apply to NYCDA. These post will be filled with my thoughts and my feelings on anything related to the topic I think I’ll call them Journey to NY (#journeytony on any social media) –unless you can think anything better-. To be honest, I’m not quite sure when these post will go up or if I’ll even get in but I thought it would fun to share this with you guys.

Speaking of documenting the journey I actually finished filling out the application yesterday which is the first step but I will go into that in another post. I hope you are as excited as I am to take this journey and I cannot wait to see where it will lead.