A Look into my Makeup Bag

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “what’s in my bag” post so yay first what’s my bag post. Today I’m doing a what’s in my makeup bag post-As you can obviously tell by the title- I usually don’t carry around a makeup bag but since I have been trying new products and starting wearing makeup more often now I thought why not just carry a bag with me. Honestly, when I packed my makeup bag I was really questioning what to put in it. The first time I packed foundation eye shadow, eyeliner the whole works I think it is safe to say I know a little better now. First off let’s talk about my bag at the moment I’m carrying around a Barbizon makeup bag that I bought last year at a competition and I have been using ever since I might upgrade to another bag someday soon I just have to find one that I really enjoy looking at… Is that weird? Anyways here’s what’s in my bag.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Transparent Powder
I picked this p after hearing all the good things said about it in the blogger chat group I'm in and also for other bloggers I read. It really does add a lovely matte finish as well as keeping the oils hidden until it is time to apply more powder later on the day.

E.L.F Oil blotting sheets
As you guys know I rave about these every chance I get I love them. I haven’t really been using them as much since I starting using the Stay Matte but these are always going to be in my makeup bag- until I run out of course- because they are a really nice alternative to the powder if you just want a quick pat down to your skin.

Again something I really don't need to go into great detail on but as you guys may also know I use this all the time, I really enjoying using this. I am constantly buying Chapstick because I lose them constantly I mean look how little they are but I always get a little happy knowing it’s in my makeup bag and I can grab it when I want it.

NYC Cover Stick Concealer
I don't know why this is in here but I’m actually pretty glad it is because there are times during the day that you need to recover a spot or add a little more concealer under your eyes.

Mary Kay be radiant baked powder
Again don’t know why this is in the bag.  I guess I put in there just in case I wanted to add a little more color to my cheeks or just to look at it because it is very pretty.\

Hand Sanitizer
I feel like this is something quite logical to put in a makeup bag because what if you’re touching up your make up, you needed to clean your hands but you didn’t want to wash them. Or what if you go out somewhere and you touch gum or another unidentified object from under the table. Hand Sanitizer to the rescue.

Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara
Yay my favorite mascara at the moment even though I don’t reapply my mascara during the day because there is no need I keep it on me just in just someone asks me what I’m wearing or if I’m running late I can put on my mascara when I get in front  of a mirror.
What do you carry in your makeup bag?


  1. Lovely post T'erica, I love the stay matte powder xx

  2. Stay matte is a complete staple for me, I can't live without it!

    Tash Xx

  3. Lovely post Terica! I just tagged you in something I would really love you to do over on my blog!


  4. Great post!!! You have given me inspiration as I have writers blog (once again)!!

    Ambra x fridaysarefab.blogspot.com

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