August Favorites

Look who’s finally posting their favorites because I didn’t post my favorites for July month I’ve combined those with my current favorite. Since I took a class all summer as well as worked less it gave me time to experiment with eye shadow as well as read a couple of books and do a lot of thinking –which may probably become a post of its own-. In this favorite you will be seeing a variety of things makeup, books, music, and an app. Enjoy!  

Mary Kay Vintage Gold Eye shadow
Even though this probably isn’t a summer color I have to say I love the way it looks when I have it on it’s just so shimmery and I love it. It gives me the nice golden eye or a nice added shimmer to a natural look.

In Real Life by Joey Graceffa
-Review post coming Monday-
First let me start off by saying I love Joey and support him in anything he does(within reason of course) so when he came out with this book I was really excited because I get to learn more about one of my favorite Internet personnel and connect with them on another level in a sense. I bought this as a treat to myself one day while walking around Barnes and Noble and immediately started reading it and only put it down to go to my interview and walk to the car park without getting run over. This was a book I couldn’t put down I finished it the next day at breakfast with my family- not kidding at all ask anyone who was with me- At the moment it has a spot on my bedside table with my other books but this is something I will honestly re-read again.

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
-Review post coming Wednesday the 16th-
Honestly, I bought this book because the authors told me to. That sounds weird I have had the sort of sequel to this book called Skinny Bitch in the Kitch and in the introduction it asked if I read Skinny Bitch which I haven’t so I thought why not order it and read it to see what they are talking about.  This book gave an insight to what you are putting into your body when it comes to the foods you eat and gives a major insight to a plant based diet-veganism-.  I put this on my favorite because it basically took me a month to read- not even kidding-due to me trying to process all the information and sass they laid out.

Mary Kay Moonshine Eyeshadow
On those rare occasions I use eyeshadow when I do my makeup Moonshine is a go to for me. I always use it in the corner of my eye to add a highlight –is that possible with eye shadow? - And a little- or a little more- shimmer to my makeup. I love the way it’s shimmery but then again not to shimmery if you know what I mean.  

Covergirl Super-Sizer Mascara
 I did a review post on this about a few weeks back and I’m still loving it! I don’t think I have ever really liked a mascara as much as I like this one –I should probably try other ones as well- But the bristles on the brush are tiny and long to help get all your lashes for an amazing length that I just love so much –I need to buy another one while I’m thinking about it-.

Cool for the summer by Demi Lovato
One person I have always really enjoy listing too since she started her career on Barney and As the Bell Rings- Anyone remember that mini-series on Disney Channel?- is the queen of confidence and body image positivity Demi Lovato. When her single Cool for summer came out I was instantly hooked. It’s the perfect summer jam and it makes me more excited for her album Confident to drop.

Black Magic by Little Mix
Anyone who knows me will probably tell you that my favorite girl group at the moment is Little Mix. I love all of their songs, styles, personalities etc. etc. When they announced their new album and released Black Magic I was buzzing for days mostly because the song is perfect and hopefully they will come to America on a world tour.

If you don’t know what Uber is…Where have you been? -Kidding-. It’s an app for a car service to get you where you need to go. Basically a taxi I have been using Uber a lot recently and I have not had a bad experience with any of the drivers I have had. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this enough.

What were some of your August favorites?


  1. I really want to try that covergirl mascara: why do we not have covergirl in the UK?!!

    Tash Xx

    1. Do I need to send you some so you can try it hahaha xx