Journey to New York #1: Finishing the Essay

As I told you guys in my Barbizon Competition post-view it here- I would be starting a serious called Journey to New York as I go through the process of finishing the application, the audition waiting for the letter of acceptance etc. The first post in this unknown length series is the essay. Most times when you are applying for college you will have to do an essay and to be completely honest these aren’t my favorite things when it comes to the application process. I know that is weird hearing coming from a blogger/ inspiring journalist. But when it comes to writing papers for anything it tends to take me a million years to do so because I spend way too much time over thinking the prompt and trying to put my thoughts into a coherent sentence. I feel like when it comes to writing essays for college applications I tend to take a million and one years because I want it to be 100% perfect. Yes, I know that is basically impossible but that’s how my brain works when it comes to my writing in general which explains why it takes me forever to get blog post up as well –no excused though-.

 I finally finished my essay for NYCDA and I’m currently in the process of adding onto the paragraphs seeing I answered the promoted but not in the depth that completely answers the question –if that makes sense-. While I was finishing the essay I thought about what I would tell you guys about writing the essay and how I did it but honestly I have nothing for you I spent about three week writing six paragraphs about how Marilyn Monroe inspired me in life. Even though I know how she inspired me it was hard for me to put it in words on paper but I was finally able to finish yay. Actually I just thought of something when it comes to writing your essays that I didn’t do write an outline! I did a quick outline but I wasn’t able to think straight because I spent way too much time worrying about how it should be so they would like it but in the end I ended up writing it how I wanted it to be how I wanted to connect with them like I do with you guys. Again, I know connecting with the person reading the essay the way I do with you -my readers- is a little harder but I do believe I was able to write it in a way so they can connect with me.

Sorry this post is really sort I just wanted to share with you guys how I was feeling about the essay and the application process so far. I hope you guys enjoyed it either way.
What are some other post you would like to see?

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