LUCLUC Wish list

Hello lovely people,

It has been a while since I posted I’m really sorry about that I have been focusing on my studies and working on transferring to a school in New York. Even though school is important I feel horrible for leaving you high and dry for like a month but I am coming back with post every Wednesday and Thursday in November. To kick it off I’m doing a wish list from an online story called LUCLUC that I heard about from someone on Tumblr. When I checked out their sight I was completely blown away with three things: 1. the clothes-obviously-, 2. the prices and 3. FREE SHIPPING! Yeah you heard me right free shipping with no minimum purchase. With all that promo being said I made a list of some of the things I am dying to have in my closet.

Tights and Socks
Since it is starting to get chilly here in Texas I have become obsessed with wearing tights -especially ones with cool designs on them- and knee high socks.