Autumn Playlist

During this time of year I spend more time inside due to the weather even though it’s not bad I prefer staying inside when it gets chilly. Here is a playlist of some of the songs I’m currently listening to on repeat when I’m sitting on the couch or hanging out with my friends. I made this a collaborative playlist which means you can add songs you like to listen to during this time of year.


Handling a job you dislike

There are going to be times in life you may end up at a job you don’t completely like or you just downright dislike as a whole. During the time of working at said job you will end up having a learning experience when it comes to customer service, management, and professionalism that you will be able to carry out for jobs you’ll have in the future. Since I have experience in disliking a job, bad management etc. I thought it would be cool to share with you things I did to make the job a little easier when the environment itself was filled with a lot of negativity until I was able to find another job that I actually wanted/enjoyed. I hope you are ready for this post it may be a little lengthy with quite a few different and random points with things that do tend to happen in a work place, but I hope they will help you now or in the future.


304 Clothing Wish list

Look at me back with another wish list from a brand you probably haven’t heard of lol. Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite pieces from an online shop called 304 Clothing –obviously-. This brand caught my attention when they followed me on Twitter, when I noticed they followed me I decided to check out what they had to offer. Let me tell you I was quite impressed because it’s really different from what is in my closet but are things I would like to own –if that makes sense-.  Enjoy!


GRWM Halloween:Minnie Mouse & Edgy Cat

 I don’t think I’ve ever done a get ready with me post so this is really exciting for me. Today I’m showing you the two costumes I wore Friday and Saturday at work since it is Halloween weekend. These are outfits I put together as a last minute costume idea so basically everything is from my closet minus the ears and the contacts.

To start things of on Friday I decided to dress up as Minnie Mouse because I have two set of cat ears and one set honestly looks like Minnie ears on me.
Here are the products I’m using in this look

First things first I cleansed my skin with my ever so hand Equate Beauty face wash, toner and moisturizer set.

For my face I applied a layer of foundation, concealer under my eyes and on any spots that are driving me crazy, dusted my face lightly powder to keep the shine away for a bit and filled my brows in -I went a little brow crazy in this picture yikes-.