GRWM Halloween:Minnie Mouse & Edgy Cat

 I don’t think I’ve ever done a get ready with me post so this is really exciting for me. Today I’m showing you the two costumes I wore Friday and Saturday at work since it is Halloween weekend. These are outfits I put together as a last minute costume idea so basically everything is from my closet minus the ears and the contacts.

To start things of on Friday I decided to dress up as Minnie Mouse because I have two set of cat ears and one set honestly looks like Minnie ears on me.
Here are the products I’m using in this look

First things first I cleansed my skin with my ever so hand Equate Beauty face wash, toner and moisturizer set.

For my face I applied a layer of foundation, concealer under my eyes and on any spots that are driving me crazy, dusted my face lightly powder to keep the shine away for a bit and filled my brows in -I went a little brow crazy in this picture yikes-.

Now onto my eye I used this vanilla color as a base followed with this silver on the inside of my lids and the black on the outer side of my lids both going up into my crease before blending. 

After I blended to the way I looked I took another vanilla shade from my natural pallet and applied it on the corner of my eyes- as well as on my brow bone- and the dark brown under my eyes. To finish my eyes off I applied liner on my lash line and mascara.

To complete my look –face wise- I put on a little bit of blush and red lipstick to give it the Minnie affect obviously I can’t forget my nose.

-I have lipstick on my finger haha-

Onto my hair since my hair is in a need of a wash and perm like yesterday I just put it up in a half up top knot-is that the name of it- and threw my ears on.
Final look:

Products for the second look:

For the second look on Saturday, I went for the eyeshadow look but I used more of a silver and gray eyeshadows to bring out the to bring out the color of the Spooky eye contacts I used to actually make myself look like a cat Obviously face wise I did the same thing as I did in my first part of the post. 

Onto my eyes, I used the Silver on the bottom left on the inner part of my lids with the blackish color on the bottom right on the outer part of my lids and again I blended them together until I was happy with the way it looked then I used the vanilla color on the top left in the corner of my eye. Eyeliner wise I went for a cat eye- obviously-and I only put mascara on my top lashes so my eyes are the main focus.

Lip wise after applying my nose and whiskers I outlined my lips with my eyeliner and used my pinkish nude Nars lipstick to finish everything off along with my ears and collar.

Final look:

-snapchat is great in times like this-

 I hope you guys enjoyed this little story time post I really enjoyed writing it. I want to thank Etail PR and Spooky Eyes for the Sample of these awesome Halloween Contacts there are a favorite of mine and I hope they become a favorite of your too. I did a review post on their contacts before which you can read here (link review post). If you like the contacts I’m wearing in the post or want to check out any other contacts they have you can shop with the links below.
What are you dress up as for Halloween?


  1. Cute looks Terica, perfect for Halloween!

    1. Thanks Becca it was a great last minute pull together

  2. These are such cute looks! I wish I had an event to try them out.

    Tash x

    1. Why not try it out just to try it? haha

  3. That skincare trio looks really good, wow. I love your contacts too!
    Dalal x

    1. Thanks the trio is awesome it's basically a cheaper version of proactive (so the bottle says)

  4. Anonymous3:15 AM

    I love these makeup looks!! Especially the eyeshadow in the Minnie Mouse look!!
    Ellen x

  5. Lovely haloween looks, I especially love the Minnie Mouse.
    Katie x

  6. I went as a cat too!! You look super cute :)

    Edie x

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