Handling a job you dislike

There are going to be times in life you may end up at a job you don’t completely like or you just downright dislike as a whole. During the time of working at said job you will end up having a learning experience when it comes to customer service, management, and professionalism that you will be able to carry out for jobs you’ll have in the future. Since I have experience in disliking a job, bad management etc. I thought it would be cool to share with you things I did to make the job a little easier when the environment itself was filled with a lot of negativity until I was able to find another job that I actually wanted/enjoyed. I hope you are ready for this post it may be a little lengthy with quite a few different and random points with things that do tend to happen in a work place, but I hope they will help you now or in the future.


To sort of start off light I want to talk about the high chance of gossip and rumors that are bound to happen no matter where you work or how old you are. When a co-worker comes up to you with the latest stories about whatever happened on your days off or tell you what Felicia said about Ann –I just made those up on the spot- ignore it a lot of times there are people who like to start trouble or makeup stories for the fun of it. I know ignoring rumors can be difficult especially when they are about you, but most of the time just shake it off- yes I just made a T.Swift reference- and move on. Basically, what I’m saying is focus more on being the best at what you’re doing stead of worry about the gossip around the food fryer-if you work at a fast food restaurant that is-.

Bad Management

This is something you may have to deal with even if it’s at a job you enjoy. Bad Management is something you are going to have to deal with once or twice before you give up and apply to be the boss yourself. The best thing for you to do is just familiarize yourself with the rules and regulation of the store or company so if things don’t go well say a district manager comes in and a manager or the district manager tries to get you in trouble you can specifically say what the rules are and be able to keep yourself from getting in trouble. I know you won’t be able to know the rules off the top of your head but being familiar with them is something that will benefit you in the long run.

Broken Rules

Again this is something you’re going to deal with at any job, it’s a sad but true fact some people believe they don’t have to follow the rules that are given to that are in place for a reason wither it’s safety or theft prevention. What do you do when you know someone is breaking a rule that could be harmful to others or the company? Tell a Manager or a Supervisor plain and simple. I know you may not want to be known as a snitch by your co-workers – the ones who think like that anyways- but it is important to be able to talk to a person in charge about rules that aren’t being followed because it could lead to serious trouble for everyone. If it’s a manager that’s doing the rule breaking you go to the person above them. Some companies have a hotline you can call to report anonymous tips.

Poor Customer Service

 In most places you work there is a high change that you will be working with customers in one way or another. There will be times when you notice a co-work may be giving poor customer service or you feel like you are giving poor service. One of the best things to do in this time –when it’s a coworker- is walk up to them and ask if they need help with helping the customer or if the customer has walked away from the person they asked for help ask if they need anything. If you feel like it you that is giving poor customer service ask you manager if you could go on a quick break to get away from the floor even if it’s just for five minutes. That time away from the floor could put you in a better mood.

Unreliable Co-workers

Finally onto the last topic unreliable co-workers, sadly again this is something you may have to deal with quite a bit when you start working until you retire. The only thing I can think of to handle this is be the reliable co-worker –if that makes sense-. Be the one they call to cover a shift at last minute, the associate who they give a longer shift than the rest because they know you are customer obsessed and aim to make everyone’s shopping experience better than it was when they last walked into your store.
I hope this post helped you out a little bit when it comes to handling a job you’re not fond of if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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