31 books I need- 12 days of Blogmas

Hi I know I disappeared for a bit sorry about that life got a little hectic my goal for now is to do 12 days of blogmas -if that is a thing- and have a few post and giveaways ready for January. Now onto the post!

The first thing you will notice when you come into my room is not how tidy it is, how I have  giant pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Cody Simpson and Big Time Rush hanging on my wall or even how my school book are in nice stacks by my window. Nope not at all, the first thing that you’ll see are the books that are sitting on my bed side table and when you look on the other side of my dresser you’ll see a printer and you guessed it a stack of books. I have always enjoyed reading and I think that is something that I hope to keep doing well into my older age. I honestly try to buy a book everywhere I go, if I make a trip to Walmart I make a pit stop in the book section and look at books I want, at the airport you’ll most likely see me by the snacks and books once I pass security. As much as I love all the books sitting around my room it’s time for an update! I have had most of these books maybe since I started -and finished- high school with that being said I created a list of books I want to have added to my ongoing library –my dream house include a room full of books with a coffee machine, popcorn maker and a mini fridge-.

What are some books you want to read or have in your collection?

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