Blogmas + Room Decoration- Blogmas Day 1

Since I have not done a constant thing on my blog I decided to take part in blogmas this year to see if I am able to take on the challenge of posting everyday throughout the month of December until Christmas day. The post will of course be holiday themed but I also decided to mix in some of my regular post so I can start crossing off my “to be written” list. You will being seeing things such as DIY gift ideas, recipes to try at home with your friends and family and obviously a few beauty and fashion post as well. As I am currently writing this I am also in the process of finishing decorating my room to make it seem a little more Christmas-y  I didn’t go all out as I would have liked –saving that for next year-  but here is a look at what my room looks like at the moment. Sorry for the low quality pictures my camera is temporarily being used by my mom. 

-you can see me in the bell haha-

Are you as excited for Christmas as I am?