Changes-Blogmas day 6

                In life there are going to be times where you are happy with yourself and how your life is going, when I say that I mean you finally accepted the way you look –curvy, thin, tall, short etc.- and  you’re doing good in school, university or whatever it is you are doing. Even though you are finally content with life you’re going to have this nagging feeling in the back of your mind telling you that you want/need more. Wither it’s changing something about you physical cosmetic self or something work or school related. Making changes is something that is a part of life that could have both a positive and negative outcome depending on how you go about making the change. Change in life should be something that should always have a positive outcome in your life no matter how long it takes you to make the change.

                When you decide to make a change you should do it for you and not for person A or person B who tells you that you need to whatever change it is in your life. Changes should be made because you want it to happen don’t do it because of the pressures of others. My mom always tells me if I don’t like something I do or see about myself I don’t like about myself I should find a way to change it but to do that I have to first have to love myself. Changing something about yourself doesn’t mean go get a boob job, or a nose job because you should love those things about yourself already. She always meant things like my chubby tummy, short hair, even the way my eyebrows are arched.  If you want to tone up or be able to do a push up or press up work on that aim to goals you truly want to achieve don’t focus on things like becoming skinny or having the “perfect body”. You should want to make the change because you want to improve your life and your health. It’s all about taking it day by day and working on becoming a healthier you.
                Having trouble in a class or don’t believe you are being challenged enough? First talk to your parents and get their opinion on it then talk to an advisor to see if they can do anything about it. As I said when I started this post change can either be positive or negative don’t make a change because someone told you to do it. Do it because you want to and you want to live a life that makes you even happier than before.