Christmas Presents + Blog Updates

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays for those who don't celebrate Christmas. My favorite time of year is now coming to end, I'm sad about it but I know it will be coming back around in due time. Personally, Christmas time is not all about presents and all the other things it has became about -even though it is lovely to receive gifts from people who care about you- it's more about giving back and spending time with the people you love even if it is for a day or an entire week or weekend. This year I participated in Angel Tree for the first time as an adult ,and bought presents for my family which made me really excited to see everyone's reactions to their gifts and such.

I also received a few presents from my family and I thought I would share them with you because I love every single thing I received this year and couldn't be more thankful for the people in my life.


-Finally a laundry basket yay

Also, as a little gift to myself -and something I wanted to do for quite some time now-I am doing an update on my blog which means a new template,more post, better content-hopefully and a new domain name -gasp-.  I have had my blog for a bit of time now and I finally think it is time to revamp and mature it a little as I have grown and matured throughout the years. No longer will I be Through the eyes of Terica I'll be moving on to wait for it...

Citi Hippie- yay-

I choose the name Citi Hippie while I was sitting at home one day trying to figure out what I wanted to name the blog and I ended up looking at a Facebook post my aunt posted on my birthday where she called me her little hippie-which is true I'll go more into that in another post-  and well the city part came about because I live in the city haha. I had to change the spelling of city because I found a store in Chicago called City Hippie and I didn't want to step on any toes when it came to names. So, that basically all I have for this post I hope you guys are as excited as I am to take this journey with me as  I make these changes to my blog -which will happen sooner than you think- and I hope to see you on Citi Hippie.

What was your favorite Christmas Present?



  1. Merry Christmas T'erica and I can't wait to see your new blog update. I love the name x

  2. Love your new name! Also, that watch is gorgeous!

    Tash x

    1. Thanks! Gah the watch is two pretty for me to wear

  3. Really liking the blog update! I really like your Star Wars top too haha
    Dalal x

    1. haha thank you the movie is awesome

  4. Your new blog is gorgeous!! I'm super excited for all your new posts, home you had a lovely christmas xo