Dear Santa- Blogmas Day 3


Dear Santa,
Hello, how are ya? I meet you earlier this year while I was in the Grand Canyon but I didn’t really get to tell you what I wanted for Christmas because you and I both know you need to focus on the little kids more than me. I know I may seem a little old to do I mean I am in my second year of college already but that doesn’t mean I can’t believe in you right? I would like to believe I have been fairly nice this year, I mean I cleaned my room after the second time my mom asked…Ok it was the third time...Alright fine it was like the hundredth time. But I have been pretty nice this year so hopefully I’m still on the nice you list I know you check it twice but maybe check a third and fourth time just to make sure. I know you’re a busy man so I’ll just get straight to the point here is my Christmas list:

A Laundry basket

Printer ink- from the company Brothers-

A few new pair of jeans-just because it’s that time-
Black or Brown boots

Long sleeved T-shirts

Nike Trainers

Yoga Mat

Ulta Contour Kit

Sounds Good Feels Good Vinyl

Calum’s Sweater 

Sounds Live Feels Live Tickets

I think that’s all I want this year if you could somehow makes 5sos appear on my couch that would be pretty awesome too. I hope you’re not working too hard Santa I’ll leave cookies out for you see on Christmas.



  1. 5SOS magically appearing on my sofa would be a lovely surprise- I'd just make them sing to me haha.
    Dalal x

  2. I love the post T'erica, I love the way it's written.
    Katie x

  3. This is such a lovely post! The LucLuc floral dress is amazing xo