My Fashion Inspiration- Blogmas Day 4

When I typically talk about my style I could never pinpoint just one specific “’genre”- let’s call of it- of what my I like to wear which I typically end up saying anything or everyone. I’d say my style is unique because I just wear what I want to wear what I want to wear. Do I follow trends? Yes I try but then again I rather wear what I want to wear and be happy, for this post I wanted to create a list I pull inspiration from and instead of me rambling on and on I’ll just have pictures of the people- all thanks to pinterest-, hopefully you can get to know what I like when it comes my fashion and styling.


To be honest with you this is just a glimpse of the things I inspired to dress as or just the basic of it if you see my street style haha. As you can tell I like a lot of crop tops, flannel, tights and a lot of vintage or boho looking styles.
Who are some of your fashion inspirations?