Fun for Less

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been in this situation before, you want to go hang out with your friends but you’re low on cash, which leaves you and your friends sitting at home with nothing to do. As many times as this has happened to myself and my friends before we had jobs we came up with a few things to do when we’re low on cash and we just want to have a good time with each other from staying inside, go outside or exploring your city a little more there are endless possibilities you and your friends can do without breaking the bank. This post is sort of the second installment of a post I did awhile back where I shared a few tips to save money which you can read here.


Everyday Makeup


There are days where I actually wake up on time and have enough time to put on makeup and I take advantage of it, only to regret it later when I’m sweating like crazy in the kitchen and wiping mascara from under my eyes every two seconds. Most days I tend to go makeup free because well I’m not going to lie I’m a bit lazy and I just want to get to work as early as I can so I can start my day right away. I don’t believe I have done an everyday makeup post, but if I have sorry for the repetition.  Typically my day starts at 4am and ends around 9pm –crazy I know- so when I do my makeup I tend to go for a natural and subtle look with a bit of contour because I’m currently obsessed with the look it gives-I know I’m late to jump on the contour train- or I just use the bronzer to give me a slight glow. To achieve my daily look the products I use are as followed:


Cheers to a New Year

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year has started off peacefully, stress free New Year before going back to school and work. Also, I hope you had a chance to spend as much time with your love ones as you were able to and shower them with all of your love to remind them you will always be there for them. Personally, I was able to spend New Year’s with the residents at my job and my family on the same day which made me feel so happy and grateful to see everyone doing good and well.
Every year, before the clock strikes midnight a lot of people –including myself in the past- made New Year’s resolutions which many started off strong when January first came around but come January 31 they given up and went back to the old habits they were trying to rid at the start of the year. This year I decided to break the habit of start resolutions and not finishing them, first thing I did was stop calling the things I wanted to accomplish resolutions and decided to call them goals because that’s what they are goals. About the week before the New Year started I sat down with my notebook and I wrote down all of the things I would like to achieve.