Everyday Makeup


There are days where I actually wake up on time and have enough time to put on makeup and I take advantage of it, only to regret it later when I’m sweating like crazy in the kitchen and wiping mascara from under my eyes every two seconds. Most days I tend to go makeup free because well I’m not going to lie I’m a bit lazy and I just want to get to work as early as I can so I can start my day right away. I don’t believe I have done an everyday makeup post, but if I have sorry for the repetition.  Typically my day starts at 4am and ends around 9pm –crazy I know- so when I do my makeup I tend to go for a natural and subtle look with a bit of contour because I’m currently obsessed with the look it gives-I know I’m late to jump on the contour train- or I just use the bronzer to give me a slight glow. To achieve my daily look the products I use are as followed:

Primer- Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind
Foundation- Urban Decay Naked Skin (shade 10.0) –I am so obsessed with this but that’s another post-
Concealer- Rimmel London Match Perfection (430 Medium)
Powder- Rimmel London Stay Matte Transparent Powder
Contour- Ulta Contour Kit
  Brows- Rimmel London Profession Eyebrow Pencil (001 Dark Brown) –I need to step out of my comfort zone with this one not going to lie-
Eyeliner- Lovesick Black Gel Liner
Mascara- L’Oréal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes


Real Techniques:
Stippling Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush & Contour Brush – You can get these as a set-
Lovesick Eyeliner Brush

 Typically, I’ll start my makeup after I get dressed and I have some time to kill. First things first if it isn’t obvious I start off with Primer as my main base to hold everything in place and smooth my skin out a bit, followed by foundation. After I let my foundation settle- which doesn’t take long- I apply concealer under my eyes in triangles to hid my oh so lovely dark circles and blend that in with the Pointed Foundation Brush.

-I look so happy in this picture ha-

  Once that is done I apply my powder to set the makeup I have on and to also blend any spots I missed using my Buffing Brush. Now onto my favorite part and the end of it all brows and contour, I normally fill in my brows, apply my mascara and eyeliner first before I start my contour.Then I follow up with my Contour brush and apply the Lustre Highlighter- Top right- on my brow bone. Contour wise I use the Golden Bronzer- middle right- in the hollow of my cheeks, along my hairline, my temple, the sides of my nose starting at the edge of my eyebrow and slight under my eye. While using the same highlighter I used on my brow bone I highlight the apple of my cheeks, T-zone and my forehead…. Basically, what you see on the card that comes with the kit.

After a whole 5-10 minutes I’m ready to start my day by going back to sleep in the car while my mom does the driving –sorry mom-. Even though I end up wiping my makeup off it still feels nice to have it done in the morning when I walk into work, I tend to feel completely dressed and more presentable when I have makeup on. Even though I feel the same without makeup I feel a smidge better with makeup on. Randomly, I also want to throw out there that I normally do my makeup in the restroom due to lighting but for the post I did it in my room because I didn’t feel like leaving.

-Of course the camera doesn't focus-

What does your daily makeup routine consist of?

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Sending you peace, love and happiness



  1. I love the makeup look it's so subtle. And you're so pretty and cute in the photos. Katie x

    1. Thank you Katie. This look is one of my favorites

  2. Really want to try the urban decay foundation, you look so pretty in the photos

    Georgia • fromnovemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Georgia the foundation is to die for I honestly think I spoiled all other foundations for myself

  3. Ooh girl I see those new Real techniques brushes! And the ever so famous pose that Edie and I just seem to absolutely loovveee (lol) You looks so adorable akskdkjd
    Monochrome Daisies

    1. Thanks Dalal I knew you & Edie would enjoy this pose hahaha xx

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