Lipsticks, Liners & Glosses… Oh My!

   As a self- proclaimed beauty lover I tend to find myself splurging on makeup more than I should at the most random times when I get a paycheck. This paycheck was one of those times, instead of buying a $40 foundation… which I will do again because that foundation is perfection. I ended up have a major splurge on lipsticks, lip glosses and of course lip liner. When it comes to doing my makeup I will admit I’m absolutely rubbish at applying eyeshadow. When I do attempt to apply eyeshadow- which is usually one color on my entire lid- I focus more on my lips to bring my look together. During my splurge this month, I bought a few drugstore lipsticks and I also stepped out of my comfort zone and actually ordered a few lipstick online for a shop called Colourpop which I believe Katie recommended that I check out on a random day.