Lipsticks, Liners & Glosses… Oh My!

   As a self- proclaimed beauty lover I tend to find myself splurging on makeup more than I should at the most random times when I get a paycheck. This paycheck was one of those times, instead of buying a $40 foundation… which I will do again because that foundation is perfection. I ended up have a major splurge on lipsticks, lip glosses and of course lip liner. When it comes to doing my makeup I will admit I’m absolutely rubbish at applying eyeshadow. When I do attempt to apply eyeshadow- which is usually one color on my entire lid- I focus more on my lips to bring my look together. During my splurge this month, I bought a few drugstore lipsticks and I also stepped out of my comfort zone and actually ordered a few lipstick online for a shop called Colourpop which I believe Katie recommended that I check out on a random day. 

Amuse Bouche Lipstick

 These Amuse Bouche Lipsticks by Bite Cosmetics were actually sent to me for testing purposes by Influencer and I thought to add them in the post just because. When I was approved for the campaign I was actually worried about the colors that were being sent,but in the end I didn’t have much to worry about because the colors were actually fitting to my skin tone. The three colors they sent me are called Beetroot, Pepper and Gazpacho- the photos are in the same order as I listed them-.

I have not had a chance to wear them for a full day but I have tried them on just to color and I can say I am very excited to wear them.

Colourpop Cosmetics

  Like I said before Katie recommended Colourpop during a random conversation and I fell in love with the colors they have and basically tried to order the entire sight. But I did regained my self-control and choose three colors along with the matching lip pencil. The three I ordered where LAX, Rooch and Grunge along with the lip pencils Creature, Rooch and Grunge.

As you can probably tell from the packaging, I have already used them quite a few times and I have to say I am very impressed and I will definitely be ordering a lot more from their site.


  Maybelline was the first lipstick I purchased during high school when I first started getting into makeup, so this brand is a go to for me and I adore them. Since I’ve been trying to expand my lipstick colors from my usual reds and pinks I picked up two brown colors in the shades 955 Espresso Exposed and 950 Untainted Spice. 

Of course I couldn’t stay away from my love of pinks with 25 Fuschia Ecstasy from their new range of Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colors.

Rimmel London

  Last but definitely not least is my other go to cosmetic brand Rimmel. Whenever I go to the store this is one of the first section I walk too. I just love all of the lipsticks they have and I truly want to buy them all. I only bought two to satisfy my Rimmel needs at the moment and picked up two different shades of pink. The first one from the Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade 450 Berry Rich and the other from the Provocalips 16 hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour in 230 Kiss Fatal.

I will say when I was swatching the Provocalips it ended up staying on my arm for about 2 or 3 days. Which means the longevity must be amazing!

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Grunge, Rooch, LAX

Creature, Grunge, Rooch

What are your favorite lip colors to wear?

Sending you peace, love and happiness


  1. The colourpop products look so nice! I really like the look of Rooch :) x


    1. I am obsessed with the colourpop lipsticks! Rooch is really nice but I think grunge is a winner for me especially for when I'm at work.

  2. The colour pop products and bite ones are so exciting! So gorgeoussss! Wish we could get those brands in Ireland :(

    1. Bite are on Sephora's website and I'm pretty sure they ship world wide same with colourpop

  3. You're so lucky you can easily get a hold of colourpop cosmetics! I guess I could order them online but shipping and customs costs so so much

  4. Coloupop looking amazingggg! I’m too lazy to use any form of lipstick apart from vaseline (chapstick?). I love the ‘try on’ section bc when people don’t add that I’m like ‘how the ffff am I supposed to see how it would look?!?’


  5. Honestly maybelline just do the best lip products ever. Nice post x

    Edie | The Life of Edie

  6. Hey. I loved this post T! ����- Kendria

  7. Hey. I loved this post T! ����- Kendria

  8. I live in the uk making it so difficult to get hold of colour pop products which is so annoying because they look amazing too!:) x x


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