May 2016 Favorites

May has been a crazy one crazy month with moving into a new apartment, a cancelled weekend getaway due to work, missing a major family event and just all around craziness I hardly had time to enjoy a lot of things since I have been so busy. Even with all the craziness I managed to pull a few things I have been loving this month to share with you.


Easy Vegan Pad Thai

On a random day of scrolling through the internet looking for a quick meal to whip up for dinner, I stumbled across a recipe from PETA for “Easy Vegan Pad Thai” and thought to give it a try. It actually turned out pretty good and I ended up making it a second time for my mom, so I decided to share it with you.



I never thought I would ever show a picture of my messy room but whatever it inspired the post so let me get over the embarrassment now. As you can tell by the way my room looks, my life has been pretty hectic, with trying to pack as well as downsize all of my things for my big move in August, my life and mind is a bit chaotic right now. While, I’ve been trying to sort out my room –and my life- it made me realize when you have a messy home –in my case room- you end up having a cluttered mind. Since my room has taken on the form of the after math of a natural disaster my brain has been so scattered I can barely think straight. Thus leading me to feel on the verge of losing my mind because I can’t find anything or the fact I keep tripping over the boxes beside my bed.
Once I finally got my room sorted, packed and organized –and moved yay- I found that my stress level has went from a 100 to about a 3. Which means I have been able to sit back, relax and not basically kill myself by falling over all the boxes in my room…. Until August anyways.

Song inspired: Chaos by Mutemath