Destination Chic: May Ipsy Review

   This month I signed up for the Ipsy Glam Bag to see what all the rage is over glam boxes. When I received the shiny purple package I got excited to see what was inside. After I finally stopped staring at the packaging I took the glam bag out and was greeted with a lovely blue bag that has different well known sights from countries all over the world on it as well as a cute post card. The products I received where a hair oil treatment, waterproof eyeliner, bronzer blush duo, lip-gloss and a smudge brush. I was so excited to try all of them I decided to write a review on all the products I received.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Caribbean Sea Bronzer Duo

I will admit I was slightly nervous to try out the bronzer when I saw it was in the bag because I never used a bronzer on its own I’ve only ever used it for contour. Even with my mild confusion about putting the blush of the bronzer I actually like the way it looks on my skin tone. It isn’t so noticeable where you can see I’m wearing bronzer but the blush balances that out by adding a little color to my cheeks. When I first used it I swirled my brush around both the bronzer and blush and it turned out pretty nicely. The rest of the time I applied the bronzer slightly on top of my cheekbone and the blush on the apple of my cheek.

Eva-NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

I’m not one to use an oil treatment, I’m more of a spray oil sheen in my hair and keep it going about my day. I used this when I was putting my hair into Bantu knot and I applied this to my scalp as well as my ends. The next day my hair was fuller and I didn’t have to put anything in my hair to keep my hair and scalp from drying out, just take the knots out and continue on with my day. Again this is something I may need to purchase again.

Vera Mona Eye smudge Brush

Randomly, I don’t own a smudge brush but it was so cool to finally use one. I used it to smudge my eyeliner a bit on my lash line as well as under my eyes on the outer corner. This brush is so soft and fluffy I’ve been using it all the time when I do my makeup.

Glamor Doll Gloss Snob in Twirl

I was seriously disappointed with this lip gloss mainly because it doesn’t go with my skin tone at all. It didn’t even go with my mom’s and she is lighter in skin tone compared to me. I gave it another chance and tried it again when I had makeup on but it still was a giant no for me, it’s such a pretty color –reminds me of Barbie pink- but it just wasn’t for me.

Sending you peace, love and happiness


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