Style Board: Denim Overalls

Outfit 1

T-Shirt-Hot Topic

Whenever I wear these overalls I tend to keep the color of the shoes and shirt I wear light or neutral because I like to bring the attention to the overalls since they are the staple of the outfit. I pinned the overalls as a staple because you don’t really see anyone walking around in baggy Tommy Hilfiger overalls, which I tend to get asked where I got them from people who are a bit older than I am. Sometimes I will throw on a sleeveless shirt either with or with a logo since it will be covered if I have both of the buckles buttoned. I also wear a pair of short underneath seeing they are very baggy – I was told the squares only wore them fitted- and I really don’t want to be flashing anyone anything they don’t want to see… or I want to show in that fact. Since, I’m not that tall –thank dad- I cuff the bottom of the pants so I won’t walk all over them and ruin them like I do some of my pants. Even though they will look pretty cool distressed I want to keep the originality of the overalls.

Outfit 2

T-shirt- Walmart
Bandana- Target
Sunglasses-Forever 21

To achieve an amazing throwback look and a slight tip of the hat to one of my style icons Aaliyah, I throw on a pair of black high top tennis shoes –wishing they were a pair of Timberlands- and a black tank top or t-shirt tied at the side to show a bit of skin since Aaliyah was a big fan of crop tops. I accessorize with a bandana –another Aaliyah signature- and a pair of sunglasses for a cool classic summer vibe. This has to be a favorite look of mine because it is something you hardly see on the street anymore which gives off an amazing feeling of individuality and I just feel really cool in it. 

Sending you peace love and happiness.