Casually Sporty

Recently, I have been really into wearing a pair of tennis shoes that I bought for my movement classes- and ended up not needing- on a regular day. Even though I do wear them to the gym I still find myself pulling them out of my drawer and sliding them on since I have really enjoyed being casual and comfortable.

Most of the time, I'll throw on a pair of comfy jeans-yes they do exist- and a plain white or black t-shirt and a black hoodie to go under my winter coat. There are times where I'll wear them with regular skinny jeans and any t-shirt I pull out of my closet and call it a day. An outfit like this is a definitely go to for the day I have a full day of classes or I have to hurry and get ready for a shift at work.

Shirt- Hollister
Jeans- Old Navy 
Hoodie (similar)- Forever 21

Sending you peace, love and happiness


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