Bruno Mars "XXIV Magic" Review

Bruno, Bruno, BRU-NO! This man is one of my favorite artist hands down! When he album 24k magic dropped in November I knew I was gonna be hooked... I mean come on its Bruno Mars of course I would. This post was suppose to be up agggeeeessss ago... But I was hit with a light of inspiration for a sort of part two of this post that will come out  a little (ok maybe a lot) later in the following months that I'm excited for yall to see. Anyways onto the album Review.

24K Magic

The lead single off the album is a go to dance track when I'm getting ready or just in a bad mood. The 90s vibe always has me dancing especially the little bits of the choreography I know. It's such an infectious song even my mom can't help but dance along to the song....I'm even trying to convince my dad to do a little of the dance to the song at the wedding. 


Again another song that I just have to dance too... OK the whole album is on my dance playlist. Chunky is a real throwback song for me with the heavy bass influence. In a weird way the song is sort of empowering for me because whenever I head the words chunky I think of someone who is built like me, Curvy with a little bit of weight on them the song is just one of those I listen to when I'm not feeling to confident in myself when I'm in a certain dress or I don't feel that great about my appearance. 

This is probably my favorite song off the album. I get a liiiitttt when this song comes on -ask my roommates-. It's an instant party starter for me, this is the one song you will see me sweat my non-existing weave out to dancing. Even as I was writing this post I stopped and had a mini-dance party. The lyrics is the thing that gets me the beginning of the song cracks me up so much you'd think I was insane. Perm is just an all around party song.

That's What I Like
The Second single off the album, is amazing the lyrics makes me wish I had a Bruno in my life. In the song he talks about spoiling the special person in his life. Even though I'm not one for the shiny and flashing things this song makes me think about what it would be like to be spoiled like this. It's such a fun love song that's different than what people are use to hearing in today's music scene.

Versace On The Floor
Bruno is know for his songs, this song is no exception to that. Versace On The Floor is a true throwback song like I'm transported back into the 90s. Not gonna like this song is a Instagram caption in itself... I'm just waiting on the day to use it. This song made me fall in love with his vocals again, I know I just listened four other songs that display his amazing range with four more to go but there's something about this song that is special.

Straight Up & Down
Another song that melts my cold heart. I know this album is heavily influenced by 90s R&B but this song is again one of the songs that truly transport me to the 90s-even though I wasn't around until the late 90s-. It has that subtlety of a song talking about sex but you know it's about sex... Does that make sense.

Calling All My Lovelies
The first song on the album to break my heart. Even though he trying to playing off the hurt of being ignored of his special person, I felt the pain he felt when working on this song. Oh and can we please talk about the fact that he has Halle Berry phone number and he voicemail on the track. iconic.  

Major Boyz to Men or Bell Biv DeVoe vibes -if you don't know them look them up so I won't feel super old-. Like I said Chunky this song is a major confidence booster for me, it's such an uplifting song it makes me want to get dressed up and hit a dance party with my friends and have this song play when we walk in.

Too Good To Say Goodbye
This song makes me ball like a baby. It's a perfect end to the album it's kind of like the ending of the musical with a huge number to close it out. Again, this is one of the songs break my heart and yes cry. The emotion of this song is so honest and my heart broke for Bruno  basically.

If you haven't listen to this album you really should it's one of my new favorite. The music is just one giant party and each song tells a nice little story while listening

Sending you peace,love, and happiness