In Detail: Graduation Outfit and Makup

May 12th marked an important day for me education wise. On May 12, 2018, I received my Associate of Occupations in Film and Television Performace -Yup it's a thing.-

Since Graduation was basically a Movie Premiere for everyone who participated in Final Reel -which is what we can use to try and book work-.  I decided to wear this  Burgandy, long sleeved, deep V, double slit, Fashion Nova dress, with plain block sandal heels from Forever 21. When I was choosing an outfit for graduation  I wanted to wear something that I was comfortable and confident in. This dress did just that for me, Fashion Nova has become a go-to site when it comes to shopping. The clothes are affordable and fit my body beautifully. -this is not sponsored.-

Jewelry wise I opted for a long necklace from my mom's jewelry collection to sit under -and on top-  of my dress to bring something to the part of my dress. Earring wise I went for simple teardrop earrings also from my mom's collection and a faux septum piercing I bought on the corner of St.Marks.

For makeup, I used the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette to create my eye look. I wanted something bold yet simple if that makes sense. I used the gold eyeshadow to bring more color to my outfit and used the lashes to bring the attention - and drama- to my eyes. To see how I achieved this look you can head over to my Youtube channel to watch -if it's up before this post-.

Overall, I'm happy with the way everything came together for this milestone. It was a really great day and I'm happy it all went smoothly.

Here is the Vlog from that day